Our Partners

We work with a select group of partners that are leaders in their core competences with high standards in service delivery.

Surgical Innovation is our Passion

"This is a promise we have pursued in surgery since 1896. With this claim in mind, we develop and market medical technology solutions such as implant systems, electrosurgery units, surgical laser systems, sterilization containers, OR lights, surgical instruments as well as individual OR solutions. And in many cases, we have set new benchmarks.

From small beginnings in 1906 as a small family enterprise in Berlin, Richard Wolf has grown to become an international organisation through a network of 18 branches and 130 distributors.

We made it our business to identify and promote new medical trends. We collaborate with health professionals and scientists to develop functional and first class products and system solutions. In close cooperation with our customers, we then turn the ideas into innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Our mission

We are an internationally leading manufacturer and supplier of medical technology solutions, focusing on cardiopulmonary diagnostics and therapy.
Our products save lives and provide physicians and nurses with professional support.

Our vision

We aim to extend our strong position on the market. Our customers and partners heartily recommend us.
SCHILLER is a well-established and attractive brand.We are a hub of innovation. We acquire, apply and integrate scientific findings. We work profitably and are financially independent. We encourage co-operative individuality.

Incorporated in the year 1987, Allengers Medical Systems Ltd. is headquartered at Chandigarh, India, and is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of medical diagnostic equipment comprising X-ray systems, Digital Radiography systems, DSA systems, C-Arms, Cath Labs, Remote controlled RF table, Mammography, MPM, ECG, EEG, EMG, PSG, Holmium Laser, etc.

Our mission is to improve the standard of patient care and quality of healthcare delivery by providing the best endoscopic products and services with a focus on QUALITY, CLINICALLY RELEVANT INNOVATION, and SIMPLICITY. Through leading edge R&D and manufacturing, PENTAX Medical provides endoscopic imaging devices and solutions to the global medical community.
Headquartered in Japan, PENTAX Medical has a worldwide focus and presence with R&D, regional sales, service, and in-country facilities around the globe.

Rigel Medical are renowned globally as a designer and manufacturer of reliable, portable and compact biomedical test equipment.

As metrology specialists for almost four decades, our innovative testing solutions have been mitigating risk worldwide in healthcare environments. Our products ensure that critical medical equipment is safe to use throughout the device’s life cycle.


We understand the services which are our lifeblood, and aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
From consulting to planning and installation. Cost-effectiveness through longevity is what you can expect from us.
With a well thought-out service concept and comprehensive support, especially after purchase.
SCHMITZ will be by your side as a partner from day one.
A decades-long partnership with retail dealers of medical equipment.

We continue to develop. SCHMITZ pursues a strategy with a clear trajectory into the future.

For years, Lumenis’ ground-breaking products have redefined medical treatments and have set numerous technological and clinical gold-standards.

Lumenis has successfully created solutions for previously untreatable conditions, as well as designed advanced technologies that have revolutionized existing treatment methods in each and every one of the sectors we operate in.

Our drive for innovation stems from an uncompromising commitment to improving the health and well-being of our patients; addressing new and growing needs of aging populations; and in offering medical professionals cutting-edge solutions that fit seamlessly into the health-economics environment of the 21st century.


ROCAMED is a medical device company focused on human health, providing innovative solutions in urology, gynecology and laparoscopy.


ROCAMED Deliver innovative and high quality medical solutions to improve health and well-being of patients worldwide for today and the future.

MEDKONSULT medical technology s. r. o. (MMT) is a leading European manufacturer of urodynamic equipment – instruments for urinary tract examinations.

The MMT product portfolio includes a wide range of urodynamic diagnostic equipment commonly found in Urology and Urogynaecology Departments. This includes basic systems designed for uroflowmetry, mid-level systems such as 5 channel cystometry/manometry and high-end complex urodynamic examination systems with up to 16-channels of measurement. MMT advanced device also have  capability to link to X-ray devices (i.e. videourodynamics).

The GO2VENT® (Gas Operated Ventilator) is the newest version of the VORTRAN Medical single-patient-use, disposable resuscitator (VAR). It provides “hands free” ventilator support via a secure airway using a continuous gas source.

The GO2VENT® device can be operated on a compressor, oxygen or air with a minimum of 10 Liters per minute flow rates. Since it does not require the use of electricity or batteries, it is an ideal backup ventilator for the management of difficult situations such as, mass casualties, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, major power outages and is the perfect solution for transportation needs, whether in or out of the hospital.


Did you know that sepsis is now believed to kill more people than cancer? Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening inflammatory response to infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, amputations and death. It is one of the most common causes of death in modern intensive care. Our mission is to safely stabilize patients through extracorporeal endotoxin elimination, turning the course of sepsis before septic shock occurs.

Alteco Medical AB from Lund, Sweden is an ISO 13485 certified medical device company founded in 2002. We offer a unique technology for blood purification during extracorporeal treatment. Our solution for extracorporeal endotoxin elimination helps hospitals manage endotoxemia and sepsis in the ICU, and to avoid these conditions post-operatively.

AYGÜN, one of the leading establishment of Turkey in the field of Medical Industry, was founded in 1988.

It manufactures Container Systems for sterilization, Surgical Motor Systems, Medical Illumination Systems and Single Use Medical Systems in its facility at Samsun Central Organized Industrial Zone.

AYGÜN meets the needs of significant part of Turkey as a result of its continuous R&D works and the capacity increasing. It manufactures its products in international standards and put them to the world market with a high competitive power. Moreover with its integrated quality management system, it proves that it is a specialized establishment.

Besides being a manufacturer, AYGÜN is also a designer company and with its continuous product development works it increases number of its patents, on the other hand, is contributing career development of rising generation by acting as a school.

On July 5th 1974, the one-man company was converted into the stock corporation "NOUVAG AG". At that time, many companies had to grapple with an upcoming recession. NOUVAG AG was not only unaffected by this economic slump, but quite on the contrary saw itself confronted with the necessity of making plans for expansion, as the steadily growing volume of orders no longer permitted optimal production procedures at the site where the company was located at that time.

In 1976, the company was able to move to a new plant. Even at this early stage, Beda Hutter, the dynamic entrepreneur, had realised that successful exploitation of the market and further expansion of the company would only be possible if the company developed its own range of products. Market analysis combined with an element of intuition led NOUVAG AG to venture into the crisis-proof segment of medical technology with its excellent future potential.

We are a global medical technology company with a focus on repairing and healing the human body in two high-growth sectors: Arthroscopy and Extremities.

BIOTEK is one of the industry leaders in Arthroscopy and Extremities. These businesses jointly offer over 500 exclusive product ranges.

Our infrastructure continues to expand each year. We currently operate in more than 30 countries around the world.

Owgels group is a professional brand in breathing oxygen generation with German technology, specializing in researching, producing and selling oxygenator, nebulizer, ventilator and other breathing medical instruments.

With professional R & D team, modern production base and perfect supply chain and service system, Owgels forms a pattern integrating R & D, production, sales and service, its production scale and product quality hold a leading position in the same industry and it provides innovate medical instruments for users in many countries and regions.

We are a global medical technology company with a focus on repairing and healing the human body in two high-growth sectors: Arthroscopy and Extremities.

BIOTEK is one of the industry leaders in Arthroscopy and Extremities. These businesses jointly offer over 500 exclusive product ranges.

Our infrastructure continues to expand each year. We currently operate in more than 30 countries around the world.

Siare Engineering International Group s.r.l. was founded in 1974 by its current CEO, Mr Giuseppe Preziosa, a top expert in the segments of anaesthesia and Intensive Care.

Inserted in a strategic and highly productive context such as that of Emilia Romagna, already home to important car manufacturers and leading companies in the field of automation.

The headquarters is located in the industrial area of Crespellano-Valsamoggia, near Bologna.

STERYLAB has devoted its efforts to the production of medical needles and devices for over 45 years, keeping its development in step with the constant progress in medicine and the latest advances in technology.

Due to the precision workmanship of specialized workers and the great care taken in the choice of raw materials, the firm enjoys the confidence of the medical profession throughout the world.

One of the main strenghts of Sterylab is its ability to rapidly adapt to customer requirements relating to the quality and the variety of the products offered.

Assembling takes place in our internal clean room, class ISO 5 (10,000 FED.STD.209E ), one of the biggest in Europe for our category of products.

Nonin Medical was founded in 1986 by Phil Isaacson and a team of three engineers. Their goal was to make noninvasive healthcare measuring devices more reliable and affordable.

Today, Nonin is a global leader in medical monitoring with partners and customers in more than 125 countries. Our commitment to technical innovation, design quality, and product reliability has helped us grow year after year.

Aerocom is a world leader in the manufacture of modern pneumatic tube systems and internal logistics. We have the experience and expertise to custom design solutions for virtually any application in pneumatic materials logistics. We can provide special technical solutions to meet individual customer specifications.

We are represented by more than 80 reliable business partners in all continents of the world.
With our six sales offices in Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Netherlands), as well as Australia and Jakarta and then factory outlets in Germany we are always ready to serve you. We also work together with other reputable companies. In collarboration with these partners we have built up an unequalled sales and service network.

VINNO was founded in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2010 by a team with extensive ultrasound development experience.

VINNO focuses on the development and manufacture of high-end color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic systems and offers accessible medical solutions through continuous innovation.


The ATMOS Group employs over 300 people worldwide. Internationally positioned, it has 15 subsidiaries and representative offices in India and Colombia as well as approximately 70 national agencies.

Always keeping the demands and needs of users in mind, we develop application-oriented solutions that are safe and reliable.

We supply manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, and doctors worldwide with medical suction systems as well as complete solutions for ENT, gynecology, and swallowing diagnostics.

Natus Hearing & Balance (formerly Otometrics) is the audiology industry leader. We help hearing and balance care professionals improve the quality of life for millions of people around the globe.

Natus Medical Incorporated improves patient outcomes using the most comprehensive product solutions, depth of training and continuing customer care when diagnosing and treating disorders of the central nervous and sensory systems.

Natus Hearing & Balance (formerly Otometrics) is the audiology industry leader. We help hearing and balance care professionals improve the quality of life for millions of people around the globe.

Natus Medical Incorporated improves patient outcomes using the most comprehensive product solutions, depth of training and continuing customer care when diagnosing and treating disorders of the central nervous and sensory systems.

Incorporated in 1966, Kalelker Surgical Industries has established itself in General Surgery, Gynaec-Obstetrics, Urology, Neuro Surgery, Cardio Thoracic Surgery, ENT Surgery and Laparoscopy Surgery. More than 8000 types of “Kalelker” make instruments are supplied to various Government, Semi-Government, Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes across the country.

A state of the art manufacturing unit, near Mumbai, applies stringent quality control measures not only in designs and drawings but also for selecting raw materials, various inline processes, final assembly and working of the instruments.

Funeralia® is a specialist for customized equipment solutions in the field of autopsy, forensic medicine, anatomy, laboratory & research and veterinary pathology. For more than 50 years we developed, together with our clients individual, holistic solutions for hospitals, university clinics, forensic centres, pathology laboratories and funeral homes.

Our history can be traced back to 1937 when the company arose from the sale of funerary products. Since the foundation of Funeralia® GmbH in 1970, the company has specialised in the production and sale of medical-technical products.

NITROCARE was established in 2009 on the purpose of producing hospital furnitures and medical equipment within the body of Gökler Group, which spreads from Sivas to Turkey, from Turkey to the world step by step and has been serving for over 20 years in the sector.

Nitrocare managed to rank among the leader producers in the sector, by increasing its production capacity day by day with its high technology machine park at 60.000m2 indoor areas.

Nitrocare, which serves with the principle of ‘The assurance of success and sustainability in production is honesty and quality in the service’, sustains its progress emphatically in being a world-brand as the ascending value of Anatolia.

Phoenix Medical Systems is a manufacturer of infant and maternal care products and assistive devices. Phoenix was created in 1989 with the goal of providing cost-effective and innovative neonate-care solutions. The mission of Phoenix continues to be to provide solutions that match the best in the world at very affordable prices.

The Phoenix range of maternal and infant care products includes warming systems, jaundice management units, respiratory care equipment and obstetric and gynaecological tables. Phoenix also makes Smartcane, an electronic travel aid, refreshable Braille readers and standing wheelchairs.

Over the past three decades, Neotech has emerged as an essential brand in NICUs around the world. We’ve also widened our footprint to include medical devices for the PICU, children’s oncology, and home health markets.

Our groundbreaking products benefit both patients and clinicians as we focus on Making a Difference… In the NICU, PICU and Beyond.

Söring GmbH has been manufacturing high-end products for ultrasonic surgery for over 35 years. The company is always focussing on trendsetting solutions – for the best support of the medical team and especially for the patient’s well-being.

With our numerous established applications for liver surgery, neurosurgery and spine surgery as well as for wound treatment we stand for leading ultrasonic technology.


For over 25 years Ardo has been developing, producing and distributing products that accompany people on their journey through life. These products support premature babies and newborns in their development, accompany mothers through their pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, and offer patients safety and comfort.

The reliability of our products in the area of breastfeeding aids as well as the needs of users of our products is at the heart of all that we do.

Angell Technology is a professional global provider of digital medical imaging devices. Founded in 2002, we have nearly 600 employees. We are committed to providing reliable digital medical imaging devices and services for global medical institutions and are determined to become a leading global brand in the medical and health industry.

We have products including Digital Radiography, Dynamic DR, Mobile DR, Digital Mammography, and Digitizer. Till 2020, the installed base of our Dynamic DR has reached 2,000 units around the world. Meanwhile, the installed base of all our products has reached 10,000 units, with users in more than 60 countries.