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-Anaesthesia Consumables

-Anaesthesia Instrument Endoscopic

-Anaesthesia Equipment


-Arthroscopy Instruments

-Arthroscopy Consumables

-Arthroscopy Equipment

Biomedical Equipment

-Biomedical Equipment - Sales

-Biomedical Equipment - Accessories and Software

-Biomedical Equipment - Calibration

-Biomedical Equipment Repairs

-Biomedical Equipment Services

-Biomedical - Preventive Maintenance Contracts


-Biospy Equipment

-Biospy Consumables


-ECG + Stress Test Devices + Accesories and Consumables

-Ergometry and Holter Devices

-Defibrillators + Accesspries and Consumables

-Monitoring Equipment and Accessories

Cardiology Intervention

-Cardiology Guide Wires

-Cardiology Introducers

-Cardiology Catheters

-Cardiology Stents

Cardio-Thoracic Vascular

-Cardio-Thoracic Vascular Instruments

-Cardio-Thoracic Vascular Systems

-Micro Vascular Instruments

-Cardio-Thoracic Vascular Surgery

Doccumntation & Imaging

-Camera CCUs+ Camera Heads + Cables

-Light Sources + Cables

-Monitors and Trolleys

-Archiving Systems

-Audio Visuals Cables and Consumables


-ENT Surgical Instruments

-ENT Surgical Instruments Endoscopic

-ENT Power Systems + Consumables

-ENT Work Office Equipment


-Gastroenterology Equipment

-Gastroenterology Consumables

General Medical Equipment

-Suction Equipment

-Clinical Assessment Equipment

-Disability Support Equipment and Accessories

-Critical and Emergency Care Support Equipment and Accessories

-Weighing Scales

-Examination Lights

General & Laparoscopy Surgery

-Laparoscopy Units Suction Irrigation and Cavity Creation

-Laparoscopy Units Suction Irrigation and Cavity Creation

-Laparoscopy Units Motor System + Consumables

-Laparoscopy Instruments

-Laparoscopy Disposables

-General Surgical Instruments and Halloware


-Hysteroscopy Instruments

-Colposcopy Equipment and Intruments

-LEEP Equipment and Instruments

-Cryo Surgical Equipment and Accesories

Hospital Furniture and Related Patient Support

-Hospital Beds & Accesories

-Other Hospital Furniture


-Maternity Wing Furniture

-DVT Prevention

-Pressure Sore Prevention and Mattresses

Infrastructure CSSD

-CSSD Autoclaves

-CSSD Accesories

-CSSD Consumables

-CSSD Containers

-CSSD - Washer Disinfectors

Infrastructure Surgical

-Operating Theatre Tables + Accesories

-Operating Theatre Lights + Accesories

-Operating Theatre Pendants + Accesories


-EEG Equipment

-EMG Equipment

-Cereberal Monitoring Devices and Accessories



-Neurosurgical Instruments

-Neurosurgical Power Systems + Consumables

-Neurosurgical - Endoscopic


-Ophthalmology Instruments and Accesorries


-Maxillofacial Surgical Instruments + Storage Modules

-Maxillofacial Surgical Instruments Endoscopic

-Maxillofacial Surgical Implants

=Maxillofacial Surgical Power Systems + Consumables

-Maxillofacial Surgical Instruments


-Orthopaedic Instruments

-Orthopaedic Implants

-Arthroscopy Instruments

-Arthroscopy Consumables

-Orthopaedic and Arthroscopic Motor Systems

Peripheral Inervention

-Peripheral Intervention Consumables

Pulmonology Neonatology

-Respiration Equipment

-Respiration Consumables


-Neonatal Incubator, Ressucitators and Foetal Monitors

Radiology Imaging

-X - Ray Mobile and Dental Units

-X - Ray Bucky -X - Ray Bucky Systems Units

-X - Ray Fluoroscopy Units

-C Arm Image Intensifiers and Mamography Units

-X - Ray Accessories + Consumables


Radiology Processing

-Radiology Processing Equipment

-Radiology Processing Accessories + Consumables

Reproductive Health Technology

-ART Consumables

--ART Equipment

-ART Media

- Cord Blood Management


- Ultrasound Equipment & Accessories

- Ultrasound Consumables

Surgical Energy Based Devices

- Electrosurgical Units and Trolleys

- Electrosurgical Cables and Footswitches

-Electrosurgical Accessories


- Telemedicine Equipment

- Telemedicine Accessories


- Urodynamic Systems and Consumables

Urology Surgery

- Urology Endoscopic Instruments

- Urology Lithotripsy Equipment + Consumables

-ESWL and Consumables

- Urology Surgical Consumables

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